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Shoot Many Robots

لعبة PSN‏ تم الإصدار 14 مارس 2012
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Shoot Many Robots is a 4-player co-op, run-n’-gun action-shooter. The game stars P. Walter Tugnut, a lovable hillbilly who’s been stock-piling his RV with guns, ammo, and juice awaiting the robot apocalypse. In case you’re wondering, the “P” stands for “Pickles” - but don’t call him that.

4 Player Online Co-Op
You and three friends need to work together to defeat the robot armies, but you’re also competing for the best performance.

Guns & Gear
Equipping items affect Walter’s attributes, and some even give him special abilities. Using nuts dropped from dead robots, you can buy bigger guns and better gear - of which there are hundreds to unlock!

Role Playing Game
Killing robots gives you XP, XP makes you stronger, and the stronger you are, the more robots you can kill. It’s all one big cycle of robot murder.

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1-4 players
HDTV screen resolution: 720p
Network Players 2-4

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