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SOULCALIBUR™V - Legendary Edition

تم الإصدار 1 مايو 2013
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Two Swords, Two Generations, One Destiny!

The latest entry in the premier weapons-based head-to-head fighting series continues with the epic struggle of warriors in search for the legendary Soul Swords. SOULCALIBUR V brings the best in battles, movement, and visual effects so players can pull off cool, dynamic attacks with ease and battle with complete freedom.

Choose from a roster of over two dozen characters including the master assassin – Ezio Auditore, from the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed® series, or create your personalized fighter. Challenge the computer AI, compete against your friends or challenge fighters from around the world.

The Legendary Edition includes the full game and the full set of downloadable items :

- Additional Character - Dampierre
- Collector's Armor Set
- Customization Equipment Set
- Headgears Set
- Modern Costumes Set
- Tekken Costumes Set
- Sexy Costumes Set
- Armor Set

*Check your current contents to avoid double purchasing.

SOULCALIBUR™V - Legendary Edition

Compatible with PlayStation®3.
7GB minimum space required
1 - 2 Players
DUALSHOCK®3 Vibration Function
HDTV screen resolution: 720p
Network Players: 2 - 2

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