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  • Violence
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Burn Zombie Burn!

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2023 تصنيف


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Burn Zombie Burn! is fast-paced action game in which the player must survive against a never-ending horde of zombies. In addition to using the various weapons that become available, the player must learn how to use fire to do well in the game. Setting zombies alight makes them faster and far more dangerous but allows them to drop far more useful pickups than normal zombies. The number of burning zombies also counts as your score multiplier meaning the more zombies you set of fire, the more you score.

The game’s protagonist is Bruce who must battle the zombies across all six maps and all three modes – including defence mode in which Bruce must defend his girlfriend Daisy from the undead horde.

The game takes place within 6 infinite play arenas with 3 modes in each plus 10 challenges that provide alternate styles of play. The arena, modes and challenges unlock as the player does better and better at the game. Play by yourself or with a friend in the Co-Op or Versus modes.

1-2 players
830KB minimum save size
SIXAXIS Motion Sensitive
HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

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