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Overlord® II - Battle Rock Nemesis

المستوى تم الإصدار 23 يوليو 2009
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Once you’ve installed the Battle Rock you’ll need to head over to the Netherworld to activate it. Sit on the throne and look for new audience events to select from. You’ll have to progress part way into the game before the first Battle Rock practise rounds become available. By the time you’ve cleared Fairy Land you’ll be able to test your mettle against Nordburg Hunters and the Gnomes. Complete Everlight Gates to open the first challenge against the Satyr. Progress further into the game and you’ll be able to battle the Empire’s Champion, and the fabled Phoenix. Be sure to look around the Battle Rock once you’ve vanquished your adversaries for reward items.

1 player
HDTV screen resolution: 720p

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