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topatoi™: The Great Tree Story

لعبة PSN‏ تم الإصدار 2 يوليو 2009
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The topatoi™ saga combines unique gameplay, the full power of your PLAYSTATION®3 and pure arcade platforming action to bring an incredible, dizzying experience right into your living room!
The première episode sees you helping Raph in his exciting adventures in the world of the Great Tree. Angry barbarians and tricky puzzles will challenge you at every step, but overcome these obstacles and you can unlock 14 extra bonus levels!
Take advantage of everything the first episode of topatoi™ has to offer:
- A unique gyroscopic hover craft
- 7 chapters comprise Raph's adventures in the world of the Great Tree
- 10 unlockable bonus levels of single player action
- 4 unlockable split-screen multiplayer modes
- Online scoreboard

1-2 players
1MB minimum save size
HDTV screen resolution: 720p

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