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Strike Force Bowling

PS2™‎ كلاسيكي تم الإصدار 22 أغسطس 2012
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Compatible with PlayStation®3.

Strike Force Bowling is based on authentic, real-time physics which feature pins that never quite fall the same way twice and bowling ball reactions which vary according to combinations of spin, material and lane friction, all in an easy-to-use arcade style of play.

Multiple Play Modes - including Practice, Challenge, Open, Skins, Golf and the demanding Tournament mode giving plenty of variety and multiple players allow you to play against up to four human or computer controlled players in one game.

Exotic locations provide a fun alternative to the traditional alleys like knocking over skull-tipped pins on a pirate ship, in the shadow of the Sphinx or knocking over Tiki heads on a tropical island.

Customisable features including eight adjustable players, each with unique reactions, strength, accuracy and customisable bowling styles plus, a wide range of bowling balls to choose from.

This product is an emulated version of a PlayStation®2 game. Some functionality, including online functionality, may vary from the original PS2™ version of this product or may not be available.

Download of this product is subject to the Sony Entertainment Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information. One time fee for use of downloads on up to 2 activated compatible Home Console* systems.
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