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  • Violence
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Totally Naughty Set

505 GAMES S.R.L.
عنصر إضافي تم الإصدار 12 ديسمبر 2012
18 تصنيف


This Totally Naughty Set contains everything you could possibly need to terrorize those horrid bears. You can scare them to death in a Pennybear clown costume or hack the fluff out of them as Jason Pawhees with your chainsaw. Being this Naughty is simply fluffetic!! Includes:
Teddy Krubear, Jason Pawhees , Chainsaw Massacre , Pennybear , Ghostfacebear and Batbear Costumes.
Squeaky Mallet, Stabby the Knife, Teddy Krubear Gardening Gloves, Paradise Island Chainsaw and the Mjolnpaw Hammer.

1 player
128KB minimum save size
HDTV screen resolution: 720p

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