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Age of Hammer Wars

ألعاب صغيرة تم الإصدار 1 أبريل 2010
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Compatible with PlayStation®3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®Vita.

In order to download and install this product, you will need to have 40MB free space on your Memory Stick.

Age of Hammer Wars unlike any other game features battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry. A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rider to the movements of analog stick. As you wave it, your rider swings his sledgehammer, smashing the foe into the wall! This creates an unmatched feel of the real strike, a feel of the mass of the weapon in your hands.

Memory Stick Duo™ Compatible: 600KB

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