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3.33 GB

BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift Extend

PQube Ltd
لعبة تم الإصدار 24 يونيو 2015
1637 تصنيف


متوافق مع PlayStation‎®Vita وPlayStation‎®TV‏.

يتطلّب تشغيل اللعبة استخدام بطاقة ذاكرة PlayStation‎®Vita‏ (تُباع بشكل منفصل).

'BLAZBLUE is a high quality 2D fighting series brought to you by Arc System Works. BLAZBLUE offers a refined fighting system, an epic story mode, 19 unique characters and multiple play modes that provide challenges for players at all levels. With acclaimed tutorials, 'Stylish mode' controls and training mode, everyone from novice to veteran will be able to enjoy the depths and quality BLAZBLUE has to offer.

BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND (BBEX) is the latest addition to the BLAZBLUE series. In addition to the wealth of content provided in previous games, BBEX introduces 4 brand new stories, an all new hardcore play mode 'UNLIMITED MARS' and 'Relius Clover' as a new playable character. A recap of the 'Calamity Trigger' story will also be included allowing players to explore the whole story up till now!

With Vita's amazing specs, players will be able to play over the network in beautiful graphics never before possible on portable consoles!'

Real time multiplayer gaming modes require a Wi-Fi connection.

This product supports the following languages: In-game speech: English /Japanese On-screen text: English /Japanese/Chinese/Korean.

1 player(s)
Ad Hoc Mode 2-6 Players
Network Players 2-6
23000KB Minimum
Rear Touch Pad

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