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  • Violence
  • إجراء
  • استراتيجية
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Savage Moon : the Hera Campaign [PSP]

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
لعبة تم الإصدار 22 ديسمبر 2009
137 تصنيف


Compatible with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.

After becoming a big hit on PlayStation®3, frantic, futuristic strategy game Savage Moon™ touches down on PSP™ with a whole new campaign to test your tactical defence skills.

In deep space, your mining operation has hit the big time, plundering tons of valuable minerals from a cluster of newly discovered ‘living’ asteroids, called Imoons. Unfortunately, there’s something else concealed beneath the rocky surface of these strange sentient spheres:

Alien bugs. Lots and lots of big alien bugs.

The giant critters – known as Insectocytes – exist solely to defend the Imoon from intruders and begin a relentless, violent assault on your base. Wave after wave attack from all angles, with your arsenal of high-tech military hardware stretched to the limit just to keep them at bay.

A tactical battle begins as you carefully position, upgrade and repair your weaponry to fend off each Insectocyte battering. Do you arrange rows of quick-firing machine guns, or block off routes to lead the enemy into a trap? Do you go for raw power or speed? Precision or aggression? Just remember firepower alone will not stop them and if you make a mistake, they’ll simply rip you and your unwelcome equipment to pieces.

Savage Moon™: The Hera Campaign includes loads of extras, bonuses and features new to the series, including 20 previously unexplored Imoons, new species of Insectocyte and new weapons. The controls have been tailored perfectly for handheld play and new planning tools have been introduced to help you successfully see off the marauding Insectocyte masses.

Want more details? You can find loads of info about Savage Moon™: The Hera Campaign, other PSP™ products and the world of PlayStation®Network over at eu.playstation.com.

Compatibility Notices: 1 Player; Memory Stick Duo™ Compatible: 419MB minimum space required

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