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HELLDIVERS™ Ranger Add-on

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
عنصر إضافي تم الإصدار 27 أبريل 2015
660 تصنيف


Download the Ranger add-on pack and arm yourself with specialist gear designed for taking down high-value targets and scouting enemy troop movements.

Equip the accurate and hard-hitting LHO-63 “Camper” as your primary weapon to make short work of even the most heavily armoured foes.

Deploy the “Humblebee” UAV Stratagem in the field to detect enemies from greater distances and reveal the locations of hidden objectives. Fully upgrade this drone and samples will also show up on your radar.

This game add-on includes Ranger armour, a helmet and a cape.

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Get this game add-on for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 or PlayStation®Vita and download the other versions at no extra cost. After purchasing, simply head to the PlayStation®Store “Download List” and you’ll find this product ready to be downloaded.

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