Little Devil Inside

      The world of Little Devil Inside is set in a “Victorian-like” era when industrial advancements are well under way.

      Creatures, monsters and other mysterious lifeforms DO exist.

      Humans go missing , creatures are sighted, and paranormal activities are reported from time to time but only a minority acknowledge its legitimacy and possible threat.

      One devoted professor at the local university is dedicated to researching, investigating and studying these abnormalities.

      You are hired by the professor to help him continue his research by embarking on risky and dangerous missions.

      Undertake key missions, engage in side quests, encounter unexpected events, roam and explore.

      Seamless and diverse action - fluid movements, responsive sword and shield combat, handguns, rifles and bombs. Learn new skills as you progress and confront unsual monsters both large and small.

      Manage key vitals, scavenge and hunt for food, make campfires to cook and keep warm.

      Do whatever it takes to stay alive and fulfill your mission.

      Action, Adventure