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    Human Anatomy VR



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      Average rating 3.72 stars out of 5 stars from 105 ratings
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      Are you interested in the human body?

      Human Anatomy VR delivers the most immersive human anatomical experience available on the market designed for anybody interested in the human body.

      It is perfect for sport, fitness & workout enthusiasts, science enthusiasts, high school students, medical and nursing students, universities, libraries and health practitioners. Feature rich content is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics, innovative presentation, and visual delivery.

      Don't be afraid of the complexity and large amount of structures. In the first steps of the application, you can choose your education level and change it at any time. It doesn't matter if you're a medical student, an enthusiast, an athlete or simply want to know more about your body.

      No matter your current knowledge of anatomy, the content is carefully prepared for anybody who is interested in the human body.

      1. High School content level - Simplified content for anybody who is curious about the human body.

      2. University content level - Detailed content that matches the needs of a medical doctor or a medical student who needs to prepare for their anatomical exams.

      The software provides 15 body systems with more than 13 000 realistic anatomical structures designed by medical professionals. Bone mapping with 5000 bony features organized into Parts, Surfaces, Borders, and Landmarks. 21 Microanatomy models, over 500 movements animations and more!

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