Tales of Arise - (School Life) Triple Pack (Female)

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Fantasy Themes, Violence
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Fantasy Themes, Violence


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School is now in session!
A pack with school costumes for Shionne, Rinwell, and Kisara.

Content includes:
• Shionne
- [Costume] Girls' School Uniform A
- [Costume] Girls' School Uniform B
- [Costume] Girls' School Uniform C
- [Hairstyle] Student Ponytail A
- [Hairstyle] Student Ponytail B
- [Hairstyle] Student Ponytail C
- [Title] New Girl in Class

• Rinwell
- [Costume] Owl Uniform A
- [Costume] Owl Uniform B
- [Costume] Owl Uniform C
- [Hairstyle] Pigtail Beret A
- [Hairstyle] Pigtail Beret B
- [Hairstyle] Pigtail Beret C
- [Title] Vivacious Schoolgirl

• Kisara
- [Costume] Fiery Teacher Suit A
- [Costume] Fiery Teacher Suit B
- [Costume] Fiery Teacher Suit C
- [Hairstyle] Fiery Teacher Glasses A
- [Hairstyle] Fiery Teacher Glasses B
- [Hairstyle] Fiery Teacher Glasses C
- [Title] Passionate Home Ec Teacher

School Life BGM (Lucky Road)
*This BGM is the same as the one included in the School Life Triple Pack (Male).

• +300 SP
System expansion item that grants +300 SP to your entire party once you claim it from the in-game Unclaimed DLC List.

*This content will be available in-game after claiming it from the in-game Unclaimed DLC List.
*Titles are assigned to characters when they receive their corresponding costume. Titles allow you to learn special artes from the Skill Panel.
*You can listen to battle tracks and configure which ones you want to use in Settings.

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