Fishing Planet: Holiday Pack

Fishing Planet LLC
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Online Interactivity

The Holiday Pack includes:
* 25 000 CREDITS
* 25 Storage Slots

* Minnows: Merry Runner 6m, 2/0 (x2)
* Wallker: Jolly Walker 14 g, 3/0 (x2)
* Popper: Xmas Popper 14 g, 2/0 (x2)
* Spoons: Jolly Spoon 7 g, 1/0 (x10), Jolly Spoon 28 g, 2/0 (x10)
* Jerkbait: Jolly Jerkbait 42 g, 6/0 (x2)
* Spinners: Jolly Nano Spinner 4 g, 1 (x10), Jolly Bullet Spinner 36 g, 4/0 (x10)
* Jig Baits: 14 g, 4/0 (x10), 25 g, 4/0 (x10), 42 g, 4/0 (x10)
* Softbaits: Jelly Crayfish 10 cm (x20), Jelly Shad 7 cm (x20)
* Hooks: 1, 1/0, 2/0, 4/0, 6/0, 8/0
* Carp Hooks: 4/0 6/0
* Baits: Candy Wax Worms, Jelly Worm, Frozen Cutbait, Frozen Shiners, Frozen Minnows, Glazing Crawfish Cut, Caramel Chunks
* Boil Baits: Snowberry Boilies 25 mm

* Santa's Tackle Box
* Fireworks: Fireshark Epic Rockets Hellfish Arsonist Kit Squid-pro-Quo Blaster Pack12 Monkeys Demolition Set
* Pure Snow

POND PASSES (7 days):
* White Moose Lake

Fishing Planet LLC
Family, Simulation, Sport
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