Warhammer Vermintide - Kerillian 'Tirsyth Garment' SkinWarhammer Vermintide - Kerillian 'Tirsyth Garment' Skin

Warhammer Vermintide - Kerillian 'Tirsyth Garment' Skin

  • PS Plus required for online play
  • Online play required
  • Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • Remote Play supported
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration

Experience the End Times in style! This DLC contains a bold new look for the Waywatcher Kerillian. The new skin is applied when downloaded (to revert, simply uninstall).

The Elves of Athel Loren's other realms consider the Ashenhall to be a drab and sombre place. As proof they point to the lugubrious character of its in inhabitants and the cinereal colourings of their raiment. There is no joyful song in Ashenhall, they say, just the dirges of Elves who live ever under the shadow of death. In truth, the Elves of Tirsyth are no more fatalistic than others of their kind - they simply revere life as fervently as they do its start. So do Ashenhall's Elves fill their glades with intricate moonstone statues of the departed, so that they might remember and honour the deceased even if their kin elsewhere in the forest do not. The forest spirits respect this gesture for reasons of their own, and groves of Treemen have sprung up around statues of those Elves beloved of the forest.

1 player
Network Players 2-4 - Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer
DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
Remote Play Supported
HD Video Output 720p,1080p
A PlayStation®Move navigation controller or Wireless Controller will be required for motion control features.

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