Atlas Fallen - Ruin Rising Pack

Focus Entertainment
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Fantasy Violence, Online Interactivity
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Rise from the sand…

Get The Ruin Rising Pack for Atlas Fallen to fight and explore the dangers of the unforgiving buried world with new armour dyes, a gauntlet skin, unique essence stones, an Idol, two Cosmetic Items and exclusive Co-op Signets.

This pack contains:

• Nyaal’s Wrath Gauntlet Skin
• Essence Stones & Idol Pack:
• Hindering Mine (Active Essence Stone): Leave a proximity mine behind, which damages and significantly slows foes on detonation
• Timely Crystallisation (Passive Essence Stone): Your hits against slowed foes have a small chance to crystallise them.
• Idol of Rancour (Idol): When you get hit, regain a small amount of the damage you deal as health for 3s.
• Thelos and Nyaal Shield (Cosmetic Items for armours)
• Ruin Rising Armour Dyes
• Gathering Storm Signets (Co-op Signets)

These items are unlocked for use in-game after going through the tutorial.

Focus Entertainment
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