Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC 1: Avatar, Lilliput, and Accessory Pack

Cygames, Inc.
Mild Violence, Scary Scenes
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Mild Violence, Scary Scenes

The contents of the Little Noah: Scion of Paradise DLC 1: Avatar, Lilliput, and Accessory Pack are as follows.

Talk to the Champion on the airship with the ""Avatars"" speech bubble over her head to change to one of these new avatars.
1. Gourmet Guild Princess Noah
2. White Mage Noah

These Lilliputs appear at random in the ruins. Enlist their aid and expand your repertoire!
1. Halvor (★★★)
2. Pirate King Kidd (★★★)
3. Goddess Amelie (★★★)

These accessories appear at random in the ruins.
1. Conflagrant Regalia (★★★)
2. Crystalline Regalia (★★★)
3. Fulminous Regalia (★★★)
4. Master Merchant's Turban (★★★)
5. Trusty Piggy Bank (★★★)
Regalia: Deal added damage when you fulfill certain conditions.
Master Merchant's Turban: Get a discount on items in the Shop.
Trusty Piggy Bank: Keep the gold you pick up in the dungeons, even after getting knocked out.
Use these items wisely to make the most out of each expedition!

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