Alpha Invasion Hacker Bundle

PS4Hacker Edition
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player
Mild Coarse Language, Mild Violence
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player


Hacker Edition

    Alpha Invasion

      This bundle have 8 avatars and 1 full game
      Alpha Invasion
      Alpha Invasion Hacker Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker2 Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker3 Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker4 Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker5 Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker6 Avatar
      Alpha Invasion Hacker7 Avatar

      As the earth discovered by aliens, they were friendly but humans thought that was an invasion. Painful experiments started on "Ozyasu" who is the captain of the Alien spaceship. Ozyasu should escape from the earth before their secrets are solved, however, AREA 51 is a maximum security facility and designed to do experiments on aliens.

      They know that even if they escape from this well-protected prison, they will be killed as soon as they are detected. So they have to be very careful. The thing that humans don't know is Ozyasu is able to capture the human body and control it, but it is never enough because there are many security puzzles to be solved even if it captures the human body in the area. There will be many puzzles to solve and many doors to open on their way.

      In this game, where mystery and excitement never diverge, only those who can cope with stress and show their skill with cold blood will be successful, for others, the inevitable end is very close. Keep your secret and survive in this story-driven first-person stealth, puzzle-solving game.

      Capture the body: Be one of them. Think like a human to solve a mystery.

      Hack the system: To pass the security mechanism.

      Make your escape: Play carefully, use stealth skills.

      1 player
      12GB minimum save size
      HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

      Action, Action
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