HELLDIVERS™ Hazard Ops Add-on

HELLDIVERS™ Hazard Ops Add-on

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
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Do you love the smell of chemical warfare in the morning? If you do, then you may be a fit for the experimental Hazard Ops special unit.

Cooked up and delivered straight from the UltraLabs of Super Earth, the TOX-13 “Avenger” stratagem follows the same principle as a flamethrower, replacing fire with toxic gases that slow enemies and deal damage over time.

The Hazard Ops AR-14D “Paragon” is a rapid fire marksman rifle which delivers a cocktail of neurotoxins with every bullet – especially deadly against organic targets.

All Hazard Ops troops are issued with armour, a cape and a gas mask helmet (may not prevent effects of deadly gases).

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