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  • Suggestive Themes
  • Comic Mischief
  • Mild Cartoon Violence
  • Action
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Rayman® Origins PS Vita

Ubisoft Entertainment
Game Released Feb 14, 2012
8645 Ratings


• 60+ Levels of Platforming Madness: Explore a massive world with over 100 characters & 12 unique worlds designed for all ages and playing styles.

• Epic Boss Fights: Take on a giant pink monster with hundreds of eyes... a possessed mountainous golem... and more!

• Variety of Gameplay: Rayman® Origins is a platformer at its core but also features many elements of action, adventure, shooter and beat-'em-up gameplay.

PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system Exclusives:

- Multitouch Gameplay: Rayman® Origins features multitouch capabilities to collect lums, enemies, or even zoom, allowing you to see the beautiful HD graphics in greater detail.

- Ghost mode: Compete with friends to see who can beat levels the fastest. Share your best times and other unlockable gifts using Near functionality.

- Unlock Mysteries: Discover the roots of Rayman by collecting relics throughout the game. Assemble all the relics to reveal frescos and videos that tell the history of the Glade of Dreams.

Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation TV.

1-4 player(s)
20KB Minimum

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