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  • Alcohol Reference
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Horizon Chase Turbo - Soundtrack

Aquiris Game Studio
122 Ratings


Soundtrack by Barry Leitch, the legendary composer behind the soundtracks of classic arcade racing games Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear and Rush.

01. Title Revisited
02. Menu-Horizon Chase Title Groove Edit
03. Race 1 Going Off the Rails
04. Race 2 Bleeding Fingers
05. Race 3 Brazilian Street Race
06. Race 4 Retro Race
07. Race 5 The Finale
08. Race 6 JenTay
09. Race 7 Cracktro
10. Race 8 Vyper
11. Race 9 MC Balls to the wall
12. Credits - Top Gear Covenant
13. Easter Egg (TG)
14. Secret Proposal
15. Race 10 Sarabande On The Run
16. Race 11 Way Of The Exploding Back Left Tire
17. Race 12 The Last Hurrah Of a Video Game Composer
18. Race 13 Banzai
19. A Very Final Finale
20. Title Unplugged (Lullaby For Cecilia)

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