MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Heroes of the Inner Sphere

Fireshine Games
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  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)


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● Follow your chosen career path from War Dog to Treasure Hunter in the new Career Mode.
● Explore new warzones, new quests, new missions that span the full scope of the Inner Sphere.
● Hunt the Heroes - special Hero quests tell the story of 7 new heroes and their lostech mechs.
● Find new mech chassis and variants, new weapons, new equipment, as well as blueprints to quirk your prized mechs.
● Forge your own path through the Succession War Era.

…and much more.

New Career Mode
Start a career from scratch in any of the great houses or import your progress from the original Campaign. Completely rebalanced so you can explore the Inner Sphere and build your merc company as you please. Expanded Inner Sphere Map that includes 61 total warzones (+18), 34 Industrial Hubs, and 55 quest lines (+11).

Career Paths
Visit Cantinas to pick up jobs from the Inner Sphere's shadiest characters. Complete 5 different job types to unlock career path rewards including powerful and unique upgrades that tweak properties of your mechs. Career paths work in both Campaign and Career mode!

New mechs
7 new 'Mech chassis: Corsair, Vulcan, Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Dervish, Champion, and Marauder II
Adds 50 new variants including new variants for existing chassis

New Missions
Hunt down 7 new heroes and their hero mechs in the story driven Hero Quests.
New music tracks set a more diverse and epic tone to the game.

New Procedural Mission type: Beachhead - clear the landing zone for a full planetary invasion while disrupting communications and avoiding artillery strikes

New Extrasolar Moon Biome
Hazardous Atmosphere Garrisons

Artillery and Airstrikes
Avoid enemy airstrikes, call in air support to deliver devastating bombardments, or use TAG/NARC on specific enemies for precision airstrikes

New Weapons and Equipment
ECM, EWECM - an Electronic Counter Measure creates a distortion bubble that jams opponents sensors and HUD and reduces their ability to detect you or target effectively. Use counter mode to disable an enemies ECM.

BAP, EWAP - an active probe that allows sensors to detect hidden enemies regardless of line of sight
MASC, Supercharger - gives mechs a short duration but incredibly powerful mobility boost.

New Weapons: Chem Lasers, Short Burst Lasers, Mech Rifles, Stream SRMs.

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Fireshine Games
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