Necromunda: Hired Gun - Gang Wars Cosmetics Bundle

Focus Entertainment
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Blood and Gore, Intense Violence
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Pick a side or die alone, there’s no in between. Get the Gang Wars Cosmetics Bundle to receive all three Gang Wars skin set DLCs and embody an Escher, Goliath, or Nautican with exclusive skins for your outfit, knife, mastiff and chew toy.

The Gang Wars Cosmetics Bundle includes:

• The Escher Skin Pack, with an Escher-themed outfit and serrated dagger skin. Your loyal doggo sports a threatening mottled black fur, and can be directed with an Escher chew toy.
• The Goliath Skin Pack, to stomp the weak in your Goliath-themed armour and get choppin’ with your heavy cleaver knife skin. Your mastiff is drenched in the blood of the slain and can be directed with a Goliath chew toy.
• The Nautica Skin Pack, with a Nautica-themed outfit and icy blade skin. Your mastiff is mottled with the blue of strange waters and can be directed with a Nautican chew toy.

PS4, PS5
Focus Entertainment
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