Generation Zero ® - Essential DLC Bundle

Systemic Reaction AB
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Average rating 4.63 stars out of 5 stars from 8 ratings
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The Generation Zero® - Essential DLC Bundle includes three carefully selected DLCs that will give you the tools you need to fight back against the machines! From new motorbikes to help you move around quickly, to powerful weapons and tactical items.

This bundle includes:

The Motorbikes Pack introduces three new motorbike models: The Dirt Bike lets you go off-road to reach the most remote areas, the Military Motorcycle is built for speed, and finally the Resistance Bike is a rugged Resistance masterpiece, built to withstand a lot of battle damage.

The Resistance Weapons Pack adds three new weapons built by the Resistance: A reinforced Pitchfork, a Heavy Bow and a Flamethrower to quickly melt machines’ vulnerable internal parts. The Pack also includes three new versions of arrows for the Heavy Bow, a 3-pin Makeshift Bow Sight and a Large Flamethrower Tank.

The Tactical Equipment Pack includes five new items that make you more versatile in combat. The Remote-Controlled Explosive and Molotov Cocktail are two, new thrown items that need no introduction. The Portable Cover and Portable Machine Gun Turret are great defensive tools when you're caught in the open. Finally, the Explosive Toy Lure attracts unsuspecting machines with its innocent yapping, before blowing them up with a timed explosion!

Systemic Reaction AB
Action, Adventure
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