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  • Comic Mischief
  • Mild Cartoon Violence
File Size
4.39 MB

Patapon® 3 Mission Pack 2

Sony Interactive Entertainment
112 Ratings


The world of the Patapons expands again! You can go at it solo, but multiplayer is suggested. These new missions include:

CRAGGY MONSTERS - - Go on a rocky ride facing Stone Golems, Balrogs, Barlags and even a special giant warrior! Hint: it’s a big one!
FOREST BLIGHT FIGHT - - Face a horde of forest monsters: Salamanders, Treants, Death Treants – and the pièce de résistance – a fire breathing great dragon...burn!
DESERT DETH SQUAD - - Face the desert deth quad of Reaper Deth-deth, Reaper Double-deth, Barlag and the terrible, infamous true last boss!
DARANTULA - - Now that the Patapons have lost their rain miracle, this blood-sucking plant steps out from the mist in a deadly solo appearance!
DOKAKNEL - - The giant coiling Dokaknel rules over the desert. This time has come for this mighty worms solo appearance!

Please note: Full game is required to play. The World Map is required for this and upcoming downloadable missions for Patapon™3.

Patapon is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. © 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. © 2011 Rolito/Interlink.

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