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Sony Interactive Entertainment America (RHQ)
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Move.me™ is not a game. It is a software server application for the PS3™ system that utilizes the PlayStation®Move motion controller as an input device. Using the PS3™ system, the PlayStation®Eye camera, the PlayStation®Move motion controller, and a PC, a programmer can create applications that will run on a PC or other internet connected devices. Additional motion and navigation controllers can be used.

The Move.me™ server delivers specific telemetry data from the PlayStation®Move motion controller to the application that is developed. It allows up to four simultaneous applications to be connected to it. These applications can send a variety of simple commands to the server. The telemetry data and commands are analogous to the data and function calls that are accessible to officially-licensed PlayStation®3 developers for creating PlayStation®Move Games.

To learn more, visit: www.us.playstation.com/move-me

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