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Black Hole Slot Machine Dynamic Theme

Dynamic Theme Released 1 Dec 2014
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What's a slot machine and a black hole have in common? Throw your wallet at it and find out! No cost to play ours, though. The game-play is completely automated but the chance of winning is random! Earn 100+ credits in a single spin and the machine dances in celebration.

Each PlayStation®3 journey starts with the ever-evolving XrossMediaBar user interface (“XMB™” for short). But each PS3™ journey is like no other, and this dynamic theme perfectly complements the PS3™ experience, so download it today to customise your XMB™ screen and begin your PS3™ journey.

To apply the downloaded dynamic theme:
1) Choose “Settings” on the PlayStation®3 XMB™ menu and select the “Theme Settings” option.
2) Press the CROSS button to display the “Theme” menu, then press the CROSS button again to display a list of available dynamic themes.
3) Scroll to the desired dynamic theme and select “Apply”.

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* See Terms of Service for further information.

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