Atelier Sophie 2 Season Pass

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Sexual Content, Violence
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Sexual Content, Violence


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Average rating 3 stars out of 5 stars from 3 ratings
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Get the full experience with the Season Pass!

This item grants access to 14 DLCs that will be added in the future for a discounted price. The Season Pass content will become available starting from March 2022.

Featured content:
- Season Pass Bonus: Sophie/Ramizel's Costumes "Grandma's Outfit (Matching Set)"
A pair of costumes for Sophie and Ramizel based on a special costume previously released for "Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX".

Included in the Season Pass:
1. Sophie's Costume "Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey"
2. Plachta's Costume "Haute Couture"
3. Ramizel's Costume "Ertona Hunter"
4. Sophie/Plachta/Ramizel/Alette's Costumes "Bunny-Eared Salesgirl"
5. Recipe Expansion Pack "The Art of Synthesis"
6. Recipe Expansion Pack "The Art of Battle"
7. Gust Extra BGM Pack
8. Sophie's Swimsuit "White Canvas"
9. Plachta's Swimsuit "Clivia Nobilis"
10. Ramizel's Swimsuit "Agapanthus Romance"
11. Alette's Swimsuit "Rainmaker"
12. Olias's Swimsuit "Vegetable Garden"
13. Diebold's Swimsuit "Knight Commander"
14. Extra Scenario/Area "Atelier Plachta"

Note: Items 1 to 7 are planned to be released before the end of April 2022, and items 8 to 14 are planned to be released before the end of May 2022.
Items 1 to 4 and 8 to 13 are individual character costumes. Costumes can be changed in the "Changing Room" at the desk in the atelier.
Items 5 and 6 add new recipes and catalysts that can be purchased from Gnome at "Crystal Sparkle Pavilion" after progressing the story.
Item 7 adds new in-game BGM tracks that can be changed at the desk in the atelier.
Item 14 will feature an additional story episode with young Plachta as the main character, set in the time after she arrived in Erde Wiege and before she first met Sophie. Players will play as Plachta, with Diebold and Ramizel available as party members. This DLC will also feature a unique area and new items.
The content of the Season Pass, release dates and order are subject to change without notice.
Please visit the official website for more information. (
Please beware that all items included in the Season Pass can be purchased separately. Please avoid making redundant purchases.
Please beware that the "Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Ultimate Edition" set that includes the main game and the Season Pass is also available.

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