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God of War: Ascension™ Ultimate Edition

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
Bundle Released 25 Mar 2015



The God of War: Ascension™ Ultimate Edition contains God of War: Ascension™ and the Ultimate DLC Bundle, together in one definitive volume.


- Experience Kratos' quest for freedom from the very beginning with an epic single-player story.

- The Ultimate DLC Bundle includes 14 sets of armour, 27 weapons, nine capes and four tattoos. It also includes a bonus 48-hour double XP boost to level up your warrior and new equipment even faster.

- Take the brutal God of War® combat online with objective-based multiplayer – a first for the God of War® series.

- Align yourself to Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades and earn their favour to unlock new customisation options for your multiplayer gladiator.

The 48-hour double XP boost happens in real time and begins once this item is activated. It can only be activated once, so you should activate it when you are ready to begin playing multiplayer.

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