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Victor Rodriguez

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
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Customise your Starhawk™ multiplayer experience with this Rifter multiplayer skin. A top-tier Union Engineer, Victor Rodriguez is the best in the business. Sporting top of the line equipment, he can handle any job, and any Outcast that stand in his way.

Purchasing this character gives the following parts:
• Victor Rodriguez Head.
• Hammer Corp. Workshirt – 5 variants.
• RiftTech Crew Workshirt – 4 variants.
• URT Organisation Workshirt – 3 variants.
• Hammer Corp. Trousers – 4 variants.
• RiftTech Crew Trousers – 3 variants.
• URT Organisation Trousers – 3 variants.
• Work Boots – 5 variants.
• Hammer Corp. Gloves – 4 variants.
• RiftTech Crew Gloves – 4 variants.
• URT Organisation Gloves – 3 variants.

This character skin can be used in Multiplayer and Prospector modes.

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Compatibility Notices
Network Features, Network Players: 2 – 32, HDD: 100KB Minimum, HDTV Screen Resolution: 720p, 1080i

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