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Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
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When Empire City comes under attack from a mysterious creature known only as “The Beast”, not even the electric super powers of Cole MacGrath can save the town from complete destruction. Battered and defeated, Cole finds himself fleeing towards the southern U.S. city of New Marais in search of a way to overcome this powerful new nemesis.

inFamous 2 picks up where Cole’s hugely popular first adventure left off; but if you thought he had it tough first time round, you’re in for a big surprise.

Playing as Cole, explore the vast, decaying metropolis of New Marais and form relationships with the good people of the city, or side with their corrupt counterparts. Undertake thrilling missions that develop depending on your moral choices and decide your own destiny as your electric abilities begin to evolve.

In the future, you will need to confront The Beast. But before that fateful day comes, you must first wrestle with the greatest dilemma of them all: if you had the power; would you save the world – or destroy it?

As well as featuring an epic single player storyline, inFamous 2 also allows you to design and build your own missions and upload them for others to play. This uniquely creative tool makes New Marais your gateway to a never-ending supply of new adventures. Can you create a mission so good you become famous within the inFamous community?

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