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Mild Swearing


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Average rating 5 stars out of 5 stars from 2 ratings
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Stand up, Sol Cresta, and take back the sun from the clutches of evil! The galaxy-sized SOL CRESTA Dramatic Mode has docked!

In SOL CRESTA's new Dramatic Mode, you'll unlock the secrets gone untold during Arcade Mode, like the true identity of the mysterious rival ship, the true motivations behind Mega Zofer's conquest of the solar system, and the hidden pasts of Yamato pilots Sho, Luna, and Dril. Watch them grow and mature during their desperate struggle against a universal evil, and see their true potential unleashed in this robust and lovingly crafted tale!

-Prepare to Go Supernova with Excitement!
A parade of unique and expressive characters
A big-bang story penned by Hideki Kamiya, the force behind Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101
A dense Database filled with images of and information about every friendly and enemy character, ship, and device
The continuation of the Cresta saga began with 80s classics Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta
A story that unfolds differently from Arcade Mode, with a true ending that awaits the truly bold!

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