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Sci-fi Quiz

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
13 Ratings


To play this quiz pack, the PlayStation®Store country it is purchased from must match the country in which your Buzz!™ game was purchased. Grab your Buzz!™ Buzzers and reach for the stars, as you take on all comers with this super sci-fi quiz pack. Download the Sci-fi Quiz to add it directly to your in-game carousel – then prepare to test your knowledge of all things science-fiction, from fearsome face-huggers to Frankenstein’s monster. Fingers on buzzers… In 1977, Steven Spielberg experienced 'Close Encounters of the…’ what? Who is Donnie Darko’s seven-foot tall bunny buddy? In which 1950s classic do we meet Klaatu and his robot Gort? Whether you’re a sci-fi expert or a monster movie fan, the Sci-fi Quiz will boost your Buzz!™ experience with some mental probing of an entirely enjoyable kind! Reminder: in order to use this download, you need to own a Buzz!™ game on Blu-ray Disc. NOTE: information correct at time of publication.

Full Game Support:
1-8 Players, HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 2-4 Network Players, Buzz!™ Buzzers required

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