FASHION DESIGNER SIMULATOR: Design Studio Creator Master

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  • Offline play enabled
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Embark on a captivating journey into the world of haute couture, where your creativity is the key to unlocking the runway's secrets. Become the architect of style, navigating challenges and triumphs as you climb the fashion ladder. Are you ready to design your destiny and leave an indelible mark on the fashion landscape?

Become a fashion designer
In this game, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming a fashion designer. You will embark on a journey from a novice designer to a recognized fashion guru. Create your own fashion masterpieces by choosing from hundreds of potential combinations. Attract customers, make patterns, and skillfully sew. Every detail and stitch will matter as you strive to create perfect outfits.

Upgrade your tools
Earn points for your creative works and successful fashion shows to upgrade your equipment. Purchase high-level sewing machines and create even more intricate and impressive outfits. In doing so, you will showcase your talent and reach new heights in the fashion world.

Use additional accessories
Use your earnings to purchase a variety of accessories such as buttons, pockets, zippers, patches, bows, and much more. These accessories, along with many others, can be used to add that extra touch of flair and style to your outfits. Allow your imagination and creativity to shine as you create unique combinations, making each ensemble truly memorable.

Use sewing templates
Utilize clothing sewing templates and unlock your potential by creating brand new outfits using captivating materials. This will enable you to overcome challenges associated with intricate shapes and curves, opening up limitless opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

Fashion Show
Become a renowned fashion designer and participate in fashion shows. Organize your own runway events and capture the hearts of audiences and experts alike. Progress, evolve, and share your creations through social media. Become an influential figure in the fashion industry and make your mark in the world of fashion.

• Create your perfect outfits from hundreds of possible combinations.
• Complete customization: wear your favorite designs and decorate your showroom to match your style.
• Explore different fashion styles and trends to create unique and current outfits.
• Interact with designers and models for inspiration and to expand your fashion knowledge.
• Create the best outfits, attract visitors, execute patterns, and combine different materials.
• Participate in fashion shows to showcase your talent and gain recognition from critics.
• Expand your modeling activities by hiring and training talented models who will enhance the beauty of your outfits.

Casual, Educational, Simulation