Breathedge 2


      Breathedge 2 is an ironic retro-futuristic space survival game that continues the story of the Man facing epic intergalactic problems. Together with your irreplaceable companions, try to put an end to the Breathedge Corporation without dying or going crazy in the process.

      New worlds and enemies
      The world of Breathedge 2 consists of multiple distinct zones, each with its own rules, resources, and opportunities to explore. There are different star systems with their own visual features, colorful planets in the background, and, of course, dead passengers floating around. Naturally, numerous planets are home to numerous enemies. The very real ones, running, flying, jumping, and even rolling enemies.

      Control spaceship and other transport
      Manage and upgrade your own spaceship, expand its capabilities, and equip new, occasionally useless compartments. And while you're off the ship, drive vehicles in outer space and on the surfaces of planets. Best of all, the vehicles even have trunks that open with an incredibly pleasant sound.

      Manage your Crew
      Each participant of your journey plays their role in ship life and management, makes survival in the unfriendly cosmos easier, and opens up new opportunities. However, they require attention, pursue personal goals, and generally behave not as your static quest companions. If you disregard your team, your ship, and your duties as a great captain, the team may do the same, and drowning won't be far behind.

      Action, Adventure