Escape from Ever After


      Escape from Ever After is an adventure RPG where fairytale and storybook characters must fight back against capitalism!

      When Flynt Buckler, a classic fairytale adventurer, storms the castle of his evil dragon arch-nemesis Tinder, he finds the once intimidating fortress has been converted into… corporate offices? The villainous dragon is nowhere to be found and her castle is full of mindless coffee-sipping, report-filing drones. What happened?

      It turns out that storybooks are an untapped market ripe with valuable resources, cheap labor, and profit to be had—so naturally, real-world conglomerate Ever After Inc.™ found a way to intervene! With Tinder’s Castle as their new corporate headquarters, Ever After Inc. is hellbent on taking over every storybook they can. With no choice but to get a job, Flynt Buckler must team up with his former nemesis Tinder in order to climb the corporate ladder and take down Ever After Inc. from the inside!

      Dive into storybook worlds packed to the brim with colorful characters, captivating locales, and electrifying secrets! One moment you’ll be fleeing Lovecraftian terrors while solving a noir murder mystery, and the next you’ll be up against villainous versions of The Three Little Pigs as they try to bulldoze a fairytale forest for their real estate developments. The rules are always changing!

      Face off against hordes of wacky enemies in snappy turn-based gameplay! Perfectly-timed action commands allow Flynt to finish off his foes with style, and an assortment of items, badges, and partners ensure there’s always a trick up his sleeve.

      -Fight in a fun, fast-paced battle system that rewards experimentation and strategy
      -Build and customize your party—every character has unique skills that can be equipped and upgraded throughout your journey
      -Engage in office banter, help your storybook coworkers, and decorate your office as you climb the corporate ladder
      -Explore vast storybook worlds brimming with sidequests, treasures, and secrets
      -Stories within stories: experience a charming and lively narrative where the rules are constantly changing
      -A jazzy, big-band soundtrack that keeps the energy pumping throughout

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