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Largemouth Bass April Pack

Fishing Planet LLC


Largemouth Bass April Pack includes
* 40 000 CREDITS
* 30 Storage Slots
* 2 Tackle Setup Slots

* LBAC BigmouthDagger 7' 3'(220) - Line Weight: 9–23Lb.(4-10.5kg) Action: Fast
* LBAC BigmouthDagger 8' 2'(250) - Line Weight: 9–21Lb.(4-9.5kg) Action: Fast
* LBAC BassShooter 3000 S - Max Drag: 20Lb.(9kg)
* LBAC BassShooter 3000 P - Max Drag: 22Lb.(10kg)

* Lines:
Braid .009'(0.23mm)
Mono .014'(0.35mm)
* Bass Jigs: 1 Oz(28g) 4/0(x2) 1 Oz(28g) 2/0(x2)
* Spinnerbaits: 3/4 Oz(21g)3/0 1 Oz(28g)4/0
* Jig Heads: 1/2 Oz(14g)2/0 3/4 Oz(21g)3/0, 6/7 Oz(25g)4/0
* Worm 12.5 cm(5')(x2)
* Crayfish 7.5 cm(3')(x2)
* TopWater Lures: Frog-popper 5/8 Oz(18g) 3/0(x3) Walker 1/2 Oz(14g) 3/0(x2)
* Crankbaits: 3 ft.(1 m)3/0 6 ft.(2m)3/0

* LBAC BadBass Fishing Jacket
* LBAC Bandolier Lure Box
* LBAC Scabbard Rod Case
* FishFort XS Keepnet

* Missouri
* North Carolina
* Florida
* Louisiana

1 player
Network Players 2-64
DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

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