Rainbow Moon Amulet Set (Double) [Cross-Buy]

PEGI 12+
Language, Violence
    PEGI 12+
    Language, Violence

    Download this Amulet Set to obtain Kjayudo's Revenge and Annihilator's Tool Amulets. Both are valuable items with massive boost potential.

    Kjayudo's Revenge Amulet features 99 material slots and built-in Bound Resistance. It can be equipped by Baldren, Trisha, or Dozeru.

    Annihilator's Tool Amulet also features 99 material slots and built-in Poison Resistance. It can be equipped by Gorodo, Zelorus, or Serena.

    Also included in this set are two free Amulet Licenses.

    Note: You must have at least two free slots in your Misc. items and Armour inventory for this content to be fully applied.

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