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  • Puzzle
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16.21 MB

LUXOR™ Pharaoh’s Challenge [PSP]

12 Ratings


Compatible with PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®Vita.

In order to download and install this product, 16.2 MB is required.

Join the adventure and travel through 88 levels of marble-shooting adventure in LUXOR Pharaoh’s Challenge from the Nile delta deep into Egypt.

Chains of spheres are pushed by scarabs, and you control the shooter at the bottom of the screen, which can fire spheres towards the approaching chain. When a sphere collides with the chain, it forces its way in at the point of impact. If the fired sphere creates a set of three or more like-colored spheres, then all touching, same-colored spheres are removed. If any sphere enters the pyramid at the end of the path, you will lose the level and a life!

Power-ups will drop down if you make three matches in a row. You must catch power-ups before they fall off the playing field or they will be lost.

You can catch Ankh coins during play, which give you additional lives. Treasures can be collected during play as well—when you eliminate an entire chain, you will be showered with gems and treasures.

Memory Stick Duo™ Compatible: 112KB

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