Skyforge: Revenant Collector's Edition

Skyforge: Revenant Collector's Edition

  • 99 network players
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration
PEGI 12+



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                          Unlock the Revenant Collector's Edition and start playing as the Revenant right away!

                          About the Revenant:
                          The Revenant is an ancient, mighty warlord, decimating foes with crushing blows from his axe. Siphoning the life from his enemies through shadow magic, his prey never stands a chance. Grind your axe, settle grudges and wear your enemies as battle trophies.

                          This Pack contains:
                          - Revenant Class Unlock
                          - Exclusive Costume color variation
                          - Exclusive Companion
                          - Fourteen (14) days of Premium Subscription
                          - 10,000 Argents
                          - 7,500 Knowledge of Enemies
                          - 300,000 Credits
                          - 35,000 points of Premium Rank progress

                          Premium Subscription: Increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other bonuses
                          Argents: A game currency used for many different purposes
                          Knowledge of Enemies: A valuable resource required to strengthen your character
                          Premium Rank: Provides you with special in-game bonuses. The points are only provided up to a maximum rank 10.

                          1 player
                          Network Players 2-99
                          17GB minimum save size
                          DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
                          HD Video Output 720p,1080p

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