Rodent Warriors

  • 1 player
Mild Violence
  • 1 player

Rodent Warriors is an epic 2D rogue-like rpg / idle / indie / retro game... about rodents!


- Mouse - Scout
- Capybara - Knight
- Porcupine - Barbarian
- Beaver - Wizard
- Rat - Necromancer
- Weasel - Swashbuckler
- Every rodent has unique skills which get stronger as you use them
- Every rodent hero has a unique back story
- Every rodent hero has a unique list of challenges that limit their power


- Power progression mechanic based on reincarnation
- Every time a hero is defeated, subsequent heroes will be given power bonuses
- By overcoming challenges all future heroes have an even greater potential to be more powerful


- Seven quest zones
- Forest
- Desert
- Jungle
- Snow
- Jungle
- Mountain
- Grassland
- Parallax scrolling environments
- Interactive dialogues with different Quests available depending on your progress
- Take place inside of a maze
- Mini map
- Fog of war
- Dynamic lighting with day / night cycle


- 50+ Enemies, including bosses
- Each enemy has unique stats based on their classification
- Tanky (Bonus health)
- Vicious (Bonus damage)
- Speedster (Bonus move speed)
- Hyper (Bonus attack speed)
- Hardened (Bonus defense)
- Accurate (Bonus attack accuracy)
- Have different abilities
- Charge - Runs towards the Hero and does damage on impact
- Ranged Attack - Fires projectiles
- Ranged Bomber - Lobs projectiles that do damage on impact
- Change Sides - Change from left side of Hero to right side or vice versa
- Protector - Takes less damage and blocks projectiles
- Berserk mode - Three quick attacks
- Poison attack - Slowly drains the Hero's health
- Heavy attack - A slower attack that does massive damage
- Focused attack - A targeted attack that is more likely to hit
- Heal - Heals an ally
- Revive - Wakes up a fallen ally
- Enemies move inside the maze
- Enemies spawn only in correct earth location, e.g. Elephants only in Asia or Africa


- Craft items from materials gained by defeating enemies
- Crafted items vary in power
- Epic and Legendary items
- More Epic and Legendary items
- Epic and Legendary items have unique properties
- Each epic and legendary item has a unique back story
- The more items you craft, the more powerful they become
- Save items as the 'Ancient Relics' to be available to the next hero
- Ability to improve crafted items by adding ""Symbols""


- Original musical compositions


- A ""legend story"" that unfolds as you make progress in the game
- End game scenes in classic retro game style that can be discovered after many hours of game play


- Control the game as much or as little as you want!

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