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    Eight new heroes enter the fray! Plucked from dimensions across the Rising Star universe in a crossover of colossal proportions, they've joined forces with the 88 Heroes to foil Dr. H8's nefarious plans. Use their skills wisely and maybe you'll be able to save the day!

    Meet the new heroes:

    The M@ge (from Brut@l)
    Dex (from A Pixel Story)
    Rusty (from SteamWorld Dig)
    Gunborg (from Zombie Vikings)
    The Conga Masters (from Conga Master)
    Vamp Girl (from I Want To Be Human)
    Eyas (from The Land of Eyas)
    The Ninja (from Ninja Shodown)

    1 player
    3MB minimum save size
    HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

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