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Commemorate the final chapter to the Mary Skelter trilogy with the Grand Finale Bundle! The bundle includes:

Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love - True End
- Find more about each character and their endings with extra events scenes in Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love - True End! Players must beat the main game first to access all of the characters' endings.

Supply Drop
- A set item that is obtainable at the Shop during Ch. 1. Supply Drop can only be claimed by one group. The Supply drop includes
・Energy Drink
・Medical Doctor
・Complete Cure

Traveler's Equipment
- An equipment set that is obtainable at the Shop during Ch. 1. The Traveler's Equipment can only be claimed by one group. The set includes:
・Robust Cross
・Apprentice's Armband
・Bracelet of Hard Knocks
・Swiss Army Knife

Mary Skelter Job Set I
- Unlocks x3 Job classes! Set I includes:

Mary Skelter Job Set II
- Unlocks x1 Job class for all characters: Sakura Maiden

Purification Gallery Unlock
- Unlocks all purification CGs and images in the Gallery

Mary Skelter 2 Job Set I
- Unlocks x6 Job classes. Set I includes:
・T-Healer 2 Set
・G-Assassin 2 Set
・JO-Singer 2 Set
・Kitty Sweater Set
・Magician Set
・Spa Day Set

Mary Skelter 2 Job Set II
- Unlocks the Swimsuit set for all the Blood Maidens originally on Mary Skelter 2

Death end re;Quest Attire Set
- x2 sets that includes Death end re;Quest and Death end re;Quest 2 inspired outfits
・DerQ Attire I
・DerQ Attire II

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