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PEGI 12+
Sexual Content, Violence



    Ultimate Edition

    • BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light
    • Hoshinomiya Extreme Makeover Swimsuit
    • Uniform Alt. Color
    • Extreme School Makeover Kit
    • Jump Start Fragment Set
    • Special Photo Frame - Bulletin Board
    • Season Pass
    • Purchase bonus for Ultimate Edition

    Digital Deluxe Edition

    • BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light
    • Hoshinomiya Extreme Makeover Swimsuit
    • Uniform Alt. Color
    • Extreme School Makeover Kit
    • Jump Start Fragment Set
    • Special Photo Frame - Bulletin Board

    Standard Edition

    • BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light

    A Demo Version that allows you to play part of the story of "BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light".

    Demo Version Content
    The Demo Version consists of the two parts below.
    Note: Some sections have been altered for the Demo Version.

    Allows you to try out the each of the title's systems, as well as experience the beginning of the story.

    Story Demo
    Enjoy the middle part of the story, in which Hiori Hirahara, the main character of "BLUE REFLECTION(Anime Version)", appears.

    Also, if you create clear data for the "Prologue" of this Demo Version, you can use the content below in the full game.

    - Bunny - Head Accessory for Ao
    A head accessory in which it appears that a bunny is atop her head.

    - Fragment "Preparing for the Unknown"
    An Equip Item that grants the effect below.
    Effect: Increases damage dealt and decreases damage taken when an opponent is 3 or more levels above you.

    Note: To load save data from the Demo Version to the full game, you must update your full game to the latest version.

    About BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light
    Under a piercing blue sky, surrounded by crystal clear water, the sun scorched Ao Hoshizaki's skin.
    Gazing at the summer scenery, it seemed as if the girl was left behind in a world that she had wandered into.
    At a school adrift in the distance, there lived three girls who had lost their memories.
    The only thing they could remember was their names.
    Ao, shrouded in confusion, begins to lead a strange communal life with the girls as they seek clues about a way to return to their original world.

    One day, in this world where the school was surrounded by nothing but water, a path that led to new scenery suddenly appeared.
    At the end of the path was a mysterious location, where familiar things existed inexplicably.
    In order to grasp the situation, the girls decided to venture forward, but as soon as they took their first steps, they encountered a monster they had never seen before.
    But just when they thought things had become hopeless, the girls obtain a mysterious power.

    In a world that seemed to be trapped in summer, young girls have lost their memories.

    If the girls solve the mystery, what will they obtain?

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