Hunt: Showdown – Frau Perchta

Crytek Gmbh
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Extreme Violence, Users Interact
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Extreme Violence, Users Interact


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Average rating 4 stars out of 5 stars from 3 ratings
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This DLC contains one Legendary Hunter with two variations, two Legendary weapons, and one Legendary consumable:

- Perchta: Dawn/ Perchta: Dusk (one Hunter)
- Midwinter Tusk (one weapon)
- Unkempt (one weapon)
- The Avalanche (one consumable)

Old stories and grim fairytales speak of midwinter reckonings that reward the good and punish the bad. Foulest amongst this pantheon is the creature known as Frau Perchta, unsoftened like others of her ilk by the passing of time. A thing made of fur and tusk, fang and terror, who, in form of a woman, slits the abdomen to pull out the innards. A beast that changes from dusk to dawn.

Those that stand against corruption, from forgotten valleys to glacial peaks, are made of harder stuff. Stories reached Louisiana of one – one who’d lost themselves amongst the blood in the snow, and who had donned the mantle of Frau Perchta, inhabited the children's tale meant to terrify.

The daughter of a peasant high in the mountains, all that remains of that life are half-forgotten memories of taking the cattle to graze. In midwinter, a father returning home at dusk, a silver coin promised to a good daughter wasted on drink, a hand raised to a protesting mother. A hand raised one too many times. When the sun rose at dawn, a corpse was found with its abdomen slit in two, entrails feasted on by beasts.

From Louisiana, Perchta was sent for, and only silence answered. Those who had whispered of Perchta were called fools, and those that believed were laughed out of town. But in the depths of winter, when dawn broke in the bayou, garlands of innards were found strung on trees. The bad faced retribution every dusk. An old story was taking on new chapters, and the hunt was growing wilder by the day.

Crytek Gmbh
Shooter, Action, Shooter
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