Hunt: Showdown - Souls of a Feather

Crytek Gmbh
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In-Game Purchases, Violence, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
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In-Game Purchases, Violence, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)


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This DLC contains one Legendary Hunter with two variations, two Legendary Weapons, and one Legendary consumable:

- Scourge: Morrigan (Legendary Hunter)
- Scourge: Midian (Legendary Hunter)
- Wing's Wake (Winfield 1893 Slate Riposte)
- Heart's Dowry (LeMat Mark II UpperMat)
- Cagebreaker (Sticky Bomb)

The word Scrapbeak was christened by a final, agonizing breath. It was a desperate plea to save others from the beast's trap, but instead, it inspired curiosity.

A daring trio followed Scrapbeak’s lure, but did not find fear—they saw only power. Awestruck, they sacrificed the beast’s own servant before swearing their fealty. In the sunken, hungered eyes of that power, however, they were nothing. Thus, the trio quickly grew malcontented. No sacrifice—of others or the self—could make a change, leading all three to walk different paths:

One sharpened their sickle and set their eyes on Scrapbeak.

One looked beyond Scrapbeak, seeking favor with greater powers.

One loaded her pistol with two bullets and pruned the trio.

Cruel, conniving, and cowardly, the surviving acolyte was not satisfied with a nest unto herself. She had made the pledge to power only to find herself powerless, so she began amassing her own followers. After all, New Orleans had no shortage of sniveling ants vying to subjugate others.

Yet the foolish acolyte never imagined her followers could be more traitorous than she. Two disciples found love for the blackest parts of each other’s souls, and picked through the ranks with surgical precision, collecting what they wanted from carcasses until their talons stabbed the spine of the acolyte herself. She was ill-suited to honor Scrapbeak, aspiring to power that she was too fearful to take. The lovers’ bodies were temples, houses for the veneration of that which made Scrapbeak, in whose name the couple were fearful of nothing, not even their master.

A master that would change with the tides, but their love for each other and their lust for unnatural power were unshakable.

For together they had overthrown all who stood in their way, and together they plotted the demise of the one they worshipped. Desperate as they were to cling to power, they would either be supplanted by more traitors, or their dreams of becoming Gods would be fulfilled. Morrigan and Midian—bound in body, soul, and damnation.

Crytek Gmbh
Shooter, Action, Shooter
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