Rebellion of the Fallen

PQube Ltd
Mild Violence
  • DUALSHOCK 4 vibration
Mild Violence

Since the Heart of Holy Grail exploded after the Angel Fall Operation, the Cathedral is desperate to find the new Heart of the Holy Grail. Hearts are incredible special and very rare to find … but Oracle is the perfect candidate. If only becoming the Heart of the Grail wouldn’t mean forever losing one’s freedom – a fate no one but Lancelot is aware of. Having decided to rescue Oracle himself, his mission proves itself to be increasingly difficult, especially with the other Knights of the Round standing in his way.

• Fight the Knights of the Round. The path to rescuing Oracle is not an easy one, even for Lancelot. Face your fellow knights and some of the best warriors in the world, such as Gareth, Gaheris, and Galahad the Great Assassin, in new and incredible boss fights.

• Immerse yourself in a new story. Rebellion of the Fallen comes with a new story ‘Holy Duel’ featuring 4 to 7 hours of playtime and several new stages!

• New mechanics, skills, and abilities. While attempting to save Oracle, make use of a wide array of Lancelot’s new skills, abilities, and mechanics such as ‘Instant Disarm’ and ‘Holy Disarm.’ There will also be plenty of new traps and turrets to choose from!

• Challenge yourself in boss rushes. Boss fights are the core of this game. Get ready to beat the 4 bosses from ‘Galahad’s Path’ and even more from ‘Holy Duel’! "

PQube Ltd
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