METAL MAX Xeno Reborn - Digital Deluxe Edition

PQube Ltd
PS4Digital Deluxe
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player
Mild Swearing, Moderate Violence, Sexual Innuendo, In-Game Purchases
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player


METAL MAX Xeno Reborn

    Digital Deluxe

      Explore a vast wasteland

      Traverse the deadly ruins of Tokyo Bay which remains teeming with mechanical beasts hell-bent on hunting humanity to extinction. Travel and battle in a tank or on foot to uncover the mysteries that lay buried beneath the sands.

      Explosive vehicular combat

      Arm a variety of vehicles, from tanks to dune buggies, and fight an onslaught of enemies in high-stakes turn-based encounters. Upgrade your arsenal with distinctive weapons and gadgets to ensure victory against ever more deadly threats.

      Build an unstoppable party

      Going it alone is a dangerous game. Find survivors and add them to your party to create a squadron of dependable comrades. Earn experience together and progress through each members’ unique skill trees.

      Returning fan-favourite - Battle Dog Pochi

      Man’s best friend is back and ready to square off against any foe. Discover this special companion and never roam alone again. Find dog treats hidden throughout the wastes to make Pochi the most powerful pooch.

      Digital Deluxe Includes:
      METAL MAX Xeno Reborn (Game)
      Gatling Fang (Weapon - DLC)
      Pochi Gun - Shrimp Flavor (Weapon - DLC)
      Amazon Typhoon (Weapon - DLC)
      PS Burst Gun (Weapon - DLC)
      Old Friend R (Weapon - DLC)
      Super Chow (Consumable - DLC)

      PQube Ltd
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