Trinity Trigger - Extra Episode Set

Marvelous Europe Limited
Mild Swearing, In-Game Purchases
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 - 3 players
Mild Swearing, In-Game Purchases

Contains the following Extra Episode DLC.

Extra Episode: Cyan
Learn more about Cyan with the "Extra Episode: Cyan" DLC
"This DLC allows you to play "Extra Episode: Cyan," where you will learn more about Cyan's past.

*You can accept "Extra Episode: Cyan" from the NPC Katia in Woodroost.
*The main story quest "The Warrior of Order" must be cleared before playing this DLC. You can check your story progress in the Main Menu (Main Menu) by selecting Adventure Log (Adventure Log), then Travelogue (Travelogue).

Extra Episode: Elise
"This DLC allows you to play "Extra Episode: Elise," where you will learn how Elise and Lime first met.
*You can accept "Extra Episode: Elise" from the NPC Lime in Stahl.

Extra Episode: Zantis
"This DLC allows you to play "Extra Episode: Zantis," where you will learn about Zantis' friendship with a young boy and how he met Rai.
*You can accept "Extra Episode: Zantis" from the NPC Ionia in Stahl.

Extra Episode: Violet
"This DLC allows you to play "Extra Episode: Violet," where you will learn about Violet's fight to the death with a Therion wielding a magic sword, well before she met Cyan.
*You can accept "Extra Episode: Violet" from the NPC Glaive in Stahl.

*After installing DLC, start the game or load a save file from the Main Menu (Main Menu) to access it.

This content is also included in the 'Trinity Trigger Deluxe Edition'. Please be careful not to purchase the same product twice.

PS4, PS5
Marvelous Europe Limited
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